• I came to Ajmer in 2014 and was in search of a good Apartment. After a lot of search I reached to Regal Apartment where I saw that staff is very much dedicated and I liked the Construction of the apartment. Flats there have good quality materials. Amenities and Facilities at Regal apartments gives luxurious living to people there. I would recommend Samriddhi Builders because they have a good quality of construction and the materials used is also of best quality.

    Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma
    Neurosurgeon - Mittal Hospital, Ajmer
  • In July 2016, we just came to see a Flat Culture in Panchsheel. After seeing many buildings, we saw a flat at Samriddhi, it was beautiful with nice location, well-constructed that I was bound to buy that flat immediately. Staff is very good here. Even though I have a flat in Shastri Nagar, I love to stay at Samriddhi Residency.

    Mukesh Mundra
  • I have lived in Bombay for 25 years and the society culture I have seen there was something I was looking at in Ajmer. I wanted good environment, good construction and good build quality. When I came across Florence , It came to my mind that nothing can be better then this in Ajmer. I did see some more construction projects but Florence turned out to be the best. They have fulfilled all the promises that they gave and gave all the facilities. What I feel is that its the same level as I used to live in Bombay. This society is highly secured.

    S.K. Jain
    CEO - Mittal Hospital & Research Centre, Ajmer
  • I came here from Delhi and was looking for something similar in Ajmer to Live in. I looked for different multi-storyed building but Florence was the best. I couldnt believe that in Ajmer I will get such a place to live in. It is maintained very well and all the staff are polite and good. I want to say that Mr. Pavitra Kothari and Mr. Nitin Goyal has given a very guidance under which a high class project has been done in Ajmer.

    Umesh Ji Garg
    Zonal Manager - UCO Bank
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